Stilyagi Bylaws

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Stilyagi Bylaws

Revised as of 19 July 2009

Article I – Name

Section 1. Name This organization will be called the Stilyagi Air Corps. The name is from a book by Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

AASFA Bylaws

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Bylaws of the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association, Inc.

Revised as of 19 July 2009

Article I: Name

The name of the corporation shall be the ANN ARBOR SCIENCE FICTION ASSOCIATION, INC. and shall be abbreviated “AASFA” or AASFA, Inc.”

Article II: Purposes

The purposes for which the corporation is organized are as follows:

About Us

The Stilyagi Air Corps (formerly the University of Michigan Science Fiction club ) is organized as a not-for-profit corporation, AASFA, Inc. We're Science Fiction and Fantasy fans who run an annual convention in January — ConFusion — as well as holding a large number of parties and other events.

Parties are open to anyone interested in Science Fiction fandom. BYO, or better yet, bring something to share.

We also have an electronic mailing list.

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